Week 2


Working title: Glow

Logline: : After being separated from its family, an organism is captured by an astronaut for study, It needs to convince the astronaut to bring it home.

An astronaut on a routine collection scouting searches for an organism for capture, searching through rocks as they go along.

Turning over a rock to see the organism they were looking for. Three fly out, with one lagging behind, two of them are fast enough to escape into the nearby cave they stare at it in awe then snap back to reality to grasp the containment device. The organism flies away to try to escape but rocket girl manages to close the device around it and capture it. The organism continues to push against the glass and tries to break free.

She picks it after going back to the returner pod which shows other slots filled with containers, there is one spot left. She pulls out the device looks at it and sees the organism scared, and saddened, pathetically pushing on the glass trying to go join the others in the cave. Seeing this the rocket girl considers that there is only one more space to fill, she opens the containment device and lets out the organism; she goes back to closing the return pod.

The organism glowing an inviting blue hover into frame lighting the side of her face. She turns to shoe it away, but the glow continues. It hovers away and waits for her to follow. Curious as she is, she goes on to follow it, interested in what it had to offer. The reach the cave entrance and the organism is reunited with its other two glows. Rocket girl stands in the cave and watches their reunion.

The organism comes over to thank rocket girl and hovers in front of her, the other two floats up into the ceiling. Rocket girl reaches out to touch the glow, as she does the cave lights up with more orbs this time glowing red… she does a take, of shock confusion and betrayal, the organism tuns red as rocket girl turns her attention back on it. All the other red glows descend from the cave walls and swarm.

Cut to black.



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