week 11

Animatic 3

Small timing changes, a few added renders and crude sound.

Animatic 4 Fully Rendered

There’s the slightest hickup between two clips where the screen goes black for a frame but that will be fixed.
rendering the last 3 shots took 5 hrs so not too bad at all, minor tweaks to make so some sections will possibly need to be re-rendered but overall very happy with the current result.

The text at the end is placeholder for timing, the color will be changed.

Sound notes

Two things that I for sure know about, the cube sounds dont match the texture of the material so I need to change that. there isnt a vortex sound for the dimensional tear yet, still no sure what would be best for that.

production schedule from last week, but again no week was done on the 10th week so its still valid

The plan is to finish all animation this week, experiment with some sound stuff while everything renders, and then edit the final cut next week giving me an extra week to go back if need be.

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