week 8

Render woes

Render settings:

  • 262 frames ~3hrs
  • Each frame rendered between 30-40 seconds using CPU rendering
  • noise reduction within after effects applied to give final video result

Things to consider going forward

  • Gpu rendering was fast but produces so much noise unless the sampling is increaded to a number not viable for a semester film (30-40 AA samples) 5 mins per frame… not reasonable same thing happens with cpu to get a noise free 1080p image
  • subsurface will probably need to be turned to zero. Not sure if it adds much to the material, and it certainly makes the render take longer
  • closer camera angles seem to take longer to render than shots that are further away (again assuming this is the subsurface aspect thats causing that?)
  • If I can figure out better render settings, or just expect it to take forever, my computer can handle it, but for this specific one, I had to split the load between two computers remotely
  • gpu denoising using isnt temporally consistent, and cpu denoising takes so long to apply to each frame it would be quicker to just up the sampling and live with the 4-6 hr render
  • turn off volumetric shadows? volume samples are at 5 right now I imagin that also has a big effect considering its a skydome light

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