(2019) Scared Take animation for Rusty Animator’s monthly challenge, this is one of the most complex animations I’ve done, focusing on the shape changes in the posing and creating believable facial expressions.

(2019) Another short test animation, love the appeal of this rig, this animation was more contained next time I’ll try more cartoony animation.

-Animated in Maya

-Rig by

(2019) Body mechanics exercise, reference “Baby Moana” for the first half of the motion and then improvising based on that. keeping the character off-balance, but not looking broken and keeping it appealing is a challenge.

-Animated in Maya

-Rig by Joe Daniels

(2019) Simple mechanics exercise, starting to put hour limits on my work to force me to prioritize and work efficiently and consistently, this one I limited to 12 hrs total (ideation, animatic, lunch, animation, lighting, rendering, and comp). I realized that 12hrs for something this simple is pretty good for me because I got through a fair bit of polishing the animation, I did spend too much time on the lighting, so I will have to account for that next time.

-Animated in Maya

-Rig by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin


(2019) 24hr turned to 4 days of non-stop work, and I’m happy with the result.

-Animated in Maya

-Rig by

(2019) A progress rendering of a lip sync animation, the hands are not animated but this rendering shows the blocking stages completed.

– Animated in Maya

-Rig by Josh Sobel

(2018) Showcase knowledge of body mechanics, camera movement, lighting and rendering. The purpose was to grasp an understanding of the animation pipeline, from animatic to final render.

-Animated in Maya

-Rig by Anh Nguyen

(2017) Dialogue scene animated for fun. Consulted Disney Animator, Mario Furmanczyk for guidance regarding clear posing; the result being stronger gesture, clear silhouette, and convincing emotion.

-Animated in Maya

-Juddy Hopps rig created by Mahmoud Youssef Ellithy

(2017) Exploring puppet animation, and pantomime storytelling.

-Animated in flash

(2018) Pencil test for character design, to help solidify bubbly and curious personality.

-Animated using Sketchbook Pro.

(2017) Class assignment: Bookmark model.  Camera movement added later to showcase the model.

-Modeled and animated in Autodesk Inventor

(2017) Learning the basics of Maya and exploring camera movement and rendering.

-Animated in Maya.

-Juicebox rig created by