week 5

Preproduction Continues

Rigging continues, dynamic pivot not working as intented, may have to brute force the animation…

Character Lineup

line up of characters in film. frome left to right: black circle, black cylinder, ornage and white sphere, orange and white rhombus, blue cube, bule cone.

Texturing Is Interesting

comparision between bump maps

Plan to finish the rest of the rigs in the comming days and start full force on 3d anim next week 2d anim keys are slowly coming together

the prekend is going to be pretty packed, becuase I need to make up for lost time

Schedule log:

Week 3

Glow treatment had too many plot holes, and wasn’t a very fun idea. Time to find a new story.

Idea: Distill a concept into is most basic components then go from there. I took the idea of friendship, didnt like where that was going, then took the idea of different worlds interacting, which turned into DIMENSIONS. and now I’ve simplified it into oblivion literally, we have, a cube, and a sphere in a white void, with the addition of a tear in their universe, that reveals a step down in dimensions, so we travel from 3D to 2D, in both story, and visual style.

Logline: A cube and sphere have their pecerption of reality changed, after encountering unusual holes in their world


Working title: Hole.

A sphere and cube walk aimlessly across a white expanse, a void of existence. The cube disappears [off screen] and reapeares shaken to its core, after being tossed out of the ground. The sphere goes to see if the cube is okay, and is sucked into the same hole, where its pulled from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension. The circle’s reality is distorted. It’s pulled apart by lines examining it, before being tossed out. Left shuttering in shock of what it had experienced… [jump cut to show the expanse of the void, roll credits].

[As credits roll on left] a new cube walks by and is sucked into the hole… a moment pases, and its thrown back out again

Story Beats:

  1. Sphere and cube moving through white void
  2. Cube falls into hole behind sphere
  3. Cube comes out of hole grey. Sphere goes back to see what happened to cube
  4. Sphere sucked into hole
  5. Lines examine sphere (represented by a circle since it’s the 2nd dimension). This would be the breakdown of the sphere
  6. Sphere rejected by lines put back into 3D world
  7. New cube comes in and falls into another hole



  • bounces around
  • relatively squishy, like a firm clay ball
  • smooth and round


  • rotates, onto its faces to move
  • not squishy
  • almost completely sharp edges


3D Dimension

  • stark white void
  • color for characters
  • moving textures (clamation shader)
  • 18 fps (animated in 24, composit at 18? TBD)
  • realistic movements

2D Dimension

  • Black void, with white outlines of shapes
  • simplify geometry ie: sphere becomes circle
  • tentacle forms distort reality {faked perspective}
  • fast movements, malleable forms
  • 12fps (animate at 24 on 2’s leave room for fast moves on 1’s if needed)


3D Dimension

  • no music
  • sliding, bouncing, grounded sounds
  • little reverb
  • very little sound

2D Dimension

  • no music
  • etheral, tonal
  • more reverb
  • isolated sounds that show impact
    • stretching, twisting, hitting



  • Autodesk Maya
  • Rough Animator
  • Procreate (2d effects, consider multi export degredation)


  • Personal computer: Ryzen 7 3700, RTX 2060, GTX 1050 ti, 32Gb ram
  • YellowDog render solution: [last resort]


  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe alternatives (pray, you can try iMovie… plz no)


  • Condenser Mic (scratch sound, foley)
  • Field recorder (to be bought)
  • Adobe Audition
  • alternative to Audition (Audacity)

Things To Consider

Moving textures may require some effort to get working in arnold, gpu rendering may help ease rendertimes, dont bank on it though

Sound recording may also be an issue, no music at all unless its premade which is a gamble timing and theme wise. Finding foley sounds online is a little easier, reach out to Dave Sluberski since you aren’t in his class yet, and maybe Olivia Wolfman, consider enlisting the help of someone who can be oncampus? might be too much work to manage…


Week 2


Working title: Glow

Logline: : After being separated from its family, an organism is captured by an astronaut for study, It needs to convince the astronaut to bring it home.

An astronaut on a routine collection scouting searches for an organism for capture, searching through rocks as they go along.

Turning over a rock to see the organism they were looking for. Three fly out, with one lagging behind, two of them are fast enough to escape into the nearby cave they stare at it in awe then snap back to reality to grasp the containment device. The organism flies away to try to escape but rocket girl manages to close the device around it and capture it. The organism continues to push against the glass and tries to break free.

She picks it after going back to the returner pod which shows other slots filled with containers, there is one spot left. She pulls out the device looks at it and sees the organism scared, and saddened, pathetically pushing on the glass trying to go join the others in the cave. Seeing this the rocket girl considers that there is only one more space to fill, she opens the containment device and lets out the organism; she goes back to closing the return pod.

The organism glowing an inviting blue hover into frame lighting the side of her face. She turns to shoe it away, but the glow continues. It hovers away and waits for her to follow. Curious as she is, she goes on to follow it, interested in what it had to offer. The reach the cave entrance and the organism is reunited with its other two glows. Rocket girl stands in the cave and watches their reunion.

The organism comes over to thank rocket girl and hovers in front of her, the other two floats up into the ceiling. Rocket girl reaches out to touch the glow, as she does the cave lights up with more orbs this time glowing red… she does a take, of shock confusion and betrayal, the organism tuns red as rocket girl turns her attention back on it. All the other red glows descend from the cave walls and swarm.

Cut to black.